Eagle Scout Project September 28 2013

My Eagle Scout project was probably one of the most fun things I’ve ever done with cardboard boxes. My project was for kids who had parents that are deployed in the Air Force. We created a cardboard carnival for the kids. We got cardboard donations from local stores, then drove up to Hill Air Force Base in Roy, Utah. Up there we set up some cardboard games and a huge cardboard fort. I had a great time up there and everyone else did too. 


This was also the first day we had kids play with our airplane stickers. The day before my project we received our stickers from the printers. We took up a box of our airplane stickers to my project to see if kids would even use our new toy. When we saw how much kids liked to play with cardboard boxes and play with our stickers, we knew we were onto something good.


Here are a few pictures of my Eagle Project.