Family Vacation - work never ends April 13 2014

We spent our Spring Break in sunny San Diego, CA.   Milo had never been to Legoland so we did that and several days at the beach and went to the USS Midway.  

Now that I have a business I can't turn it off. So I have to bring stickers with me.  The first thing we do is find a post office to mail from.  There is a lovely post office in La Jolla.

We also get to visit toy stores to see if they'll carry our stickers.   One of the best know toy stores in San Diego is called Geppetto's.  We lucked out and were able to meet with the owner at one of his stores.   I pitched my product and he bought all of the stock we had left at the hotel.

So you should be able to find Paper Box Pilots in 9 stores around the San Diego area!