About Us


When I was little, my dad and I used to always make cardboard box airplanes. I love spending time building things and being together with my dad.

To make our airplanes look real my dad would help me draw little dials, gauges and buttons like a real airplane.  He got tired of drawing and we started to get pictures of dials printed off the internet. He complained about how expensive printer ink was, but it was fun.

Fast forward ten years and now my little brother Milo is at the prime age for piloting cardboard box airplanes.  We thought it would be a good idea to bring the stickers back to life.  Not only did we print some for Milo but we decided it would be a good idea to get them professional printed and offer them online so other kids could enjoy our airplanes. Dad has always wanted to start a business and now that I’m old enough we found something we could do together.

We launched the summer of 2013 and have surpassed what we wanted to accomplish. It has been so much fun to see these stickers go out around the US and even the world. I love packing the stickers knowing that some little kid is going to be sitting in a box in someones kitchen with a big smile on their face. Thanks for helping me make Paper Box Pilots a reality.

We hope you can enjoy as many fun flight hours together as our family has over the years!




The Paper Box Pilots


  • Noah Cahoon [C.E.O.]
  • Milo Cahoon [C.F.O. - Chief Fun Officer]
  • Brian Cahoon [D.A.D.]

      ...and if you wanted to know.  No, that's not our airplane.  

    The people at Leading Edge Aviation were just kind enough to let us take our picture there.  Maybe some day!