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SmallFry Blog

Turned a little Christmas cardboard into a jet fighter today! Loving this!!


Little Hip Squeaks

Little Eli wants to vote Noah – Entrepreneur of the year.


2 Bears and Counting

The coolest idea! Way to go Noah!! Big things ahead!


Kissed By A Frog

This is amazing! Paper Box Pilots is an inspiring family and story!



This is incredible! You’re going to go so far.


Carly L.   

LOVE LOVE this!!


Hayley R.  

Just found your page, these are so cute! And really well priced. Now to just find some boxes!


Lynn L.

I have three boys (age 2, 4 & 6) and they LOVE this kind of stuff!! Every box in our house becomes a toy Good for you!


Francene D.

How cool are these creative cardboard box airplane kits created by a father and son! 


Annicka B.

Tommy loves his plane! He insists on wearing a helmet and goggles to fly it.


September H.

I wish you all had been around when my kids were little! For me, this is a perfectly-priced item to use as a gift for neighbor kids, older-sibling baby shower gifts, kids at church, and any other occasion where a small gift is appropriate. This makes Christmas and birthdays easy!


Shannon T.

My kids loved their box. I gave them the stickers for Valentines and they loved it! I love this product!


Erin T.

These stickers are so great!


Ann H.

I want one of these but my pilot would use it as a F-22 Raptor.